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Enjoying the IEEE SENSORS 2023 conference in Vienna, Austria.

A great opportuniy to meet colleagues and friends and to share our recent results on a biaxial xz MEMS capacitive accelerometer with in-plane differential readout.

If you are interested, give a look to our paper recently published on IEEE Sensors Letters
C. Galimberti, G. Gattere, M. Riani, V. Zega ‘A new design strategy for innovative MEMS xz-biaxial accelerometer’ IEEE Sensors Letters 7 (10), (2023) 2503504.

Thanks to my co-authors Chiara Galimberti, Gabriele Gattere, Manuel Riani and to the Joint Research Platform STEAM between STMicroelectronics and Politecnico di Milano that supported the project.

Transducers 2023

Presenting the design and exprimental characterization of the new MEMS long- stroke actuator based on tunnel-comb fingers at the TRANSDUCERS2023 conference in Kyoto.

The work has been carried out within the joint research center STMicroelectronics and Politecnico di Milano.
Thanks a lot to my co-authors Andrea Opreni Yassine Banani Andrea Buffoli Flavia D. Mauri Gabriele Gattere Manuel Riani Giacomo Langfelder and Attilio Frangi.

[1] V. Zega, A. Opreni, Y. Banani, A. Buffoli, F. D. Mauri, G. Gattere, M. Riani,G. Langfleder, A. Frangi ‘Design and experimental validation of a new MEMS long-stroke actuator based on tunnel-comb fingers’ Transducers 2023, Kyoto, Japan, June 25-29, 2023

Congratulations to Chiara Gazzola

Congratulations to Chiara Gazzola for the PhD title cum laude she got today at Politecnico di Milano!
It was a great pleasure to work with you in these years and an honor to be your co-supervisor!
My best wishes for your future brilliant career!

MEMS Summer School

The Summer School ‘Mems Before And After 2025: From Application Requirements And Theoretical Aspects To Practical Design Approach‘ co-organized with Giacomo Langfelder and Attilio Frangi in Como from May 28th 2023 to June 1st 2023, is successfully concluded.

43 participants from both industry and academia

13 outstanding invited speakers – Leonardo Baldasarre, Roberto Carminati, Claudia Comi, Alberto Corigliano, Vittorio Ferrari, Paolo Frigerio, Giorgio Gobat, Stefano Mariani, Sabina Merlo, Dusan Radovic, Matteo Rinaldi, Philippe Robert, Andrei Shkel

1 amazing location – Villa del Grumello, Como

Thanks to STMicroelectronics, TDK-Invensense, the IEEE Sensors Council, the Fondazione Alessandro Volta and the Lake Como Summer School for supporting the MEMS Summer School.


Presenting the very recent results on an innovative z-axis MEMS capacitive accelerometer with in-plane differential readout at the IEEE MEMS2023 in Munich.

The work has been carried out within the joint research center STMicroelectronics and Politecnico di Milano.
Thanks a lot to my co-authors Gabriele Gattere, Manuel Riani, Francesco Rizzini and Attilio Frangi.

[1] V. Zega, G. Gattere, M. Riani, F. Rizzini, A. Frangi ‘High sensitivity MEMS z-axis accelerometer with in-plane differential readout’ IEEE MEMS 2023, Monaco, Germany, January 15-19, 2023

Congratulation to Chiara Galimberti

Congratulation to Chiara Galimberti who successfully defended her master thesis entitled ‘Design and Multiphysics Simulation of Innovative MEMS Accelerometers‘ on December, 22nd 2022 at Politecnico di Milano.

Congratulation to Yassine Banani

Congratulation to Yassine Banani who successfully defended his master thesis entitled ‘Design and Multiphysics Simulation of Innovative MEMS Actuators‘ on December, 22nd 2022 at Politecnico di Milano.

Best Student Award

Congratulations to Marco Antonacci for being one of the finalists of the best student poster competition at the IEEE EFTF-IFCS 2022, Paris, 26-28 April 2022.

He presented the work entitled ‘Planar GRIN lenses for MEMS energy harvesting: a macroscale proof of concept‘ co-authored by Valentina Zega, Emanuele Riva, Attilio Frangi and Alberto Corigliano.

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