Zega Valentina

Assistant Professor


+39 0223996213
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICA) - Politecnico di Milano

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Emerging nonlinear phenomena in Metamaterials

Emergent subharmonic attenuation zones have been recently theoretically studied and experimentally verified. We are planning to further investigate this phenomenon in an already fabricated nonlinear locally resonant metamaterial. The goal of the thesis is to develop a numerical tool able to reproduce experimental data. [in collaboration with prof. V. Kouznetsova and prof. M.G.D. Geers at TU/Eindhoven]

Metamaterials in MEMS

Phononic crystals are artificial periodic structures that exhibit extraordinary properties such as for example the opening of a bandgap (frequency ranges where the propagation of acoustic or elastic waves is prohibited) or the acoustic/elastic waves guiding. Thanks to their customizability, they can scale down to the micro-scale and be integrated in MEMS devices for innovative applications. Among others, energy transfer, energy harvester, information transduction and galvanic isolation are interesting and actual applications in the MEMS field that can highly benefit from the proposed contamination and open the way to a new class of sensors and actuators.

MOR techniques for nonlinear dynamics in MEMS

The goal of the thesis is to develop Model Order Reduction (MOR) techniques to efficiently simulate the nonlinear dynamics of complex MEMS devices. [People involved: V. Zega, A. Frangi]